Zhejiang Weitai Textile Co., Ltd. is an advanced private enterprise specializing in weaving, dyeing and finishing processing and selling fabrics. As a

garden polyester umbrella fabric manufacturers and polyester tent fabrics suppliers

, The company is mainly engaged in umbrella fabric, tent fabric, luggage fabric, curtain fabric and wall fabric, and has been operating a series of services such as design, plate making, weaving, dyeing and printing for more than 20 years, and its products not only cover the main umbrella production areas in China, but also are exported to Southeast Asia and other overseas markets.


How to store colour taffeta with silver coating?

To store color taffeta with a silver coating, you should follow these steps: Clean the fabric before storing. This will remove any dirt or stains tha...

Precautions for storage of pongee with color coating fabrics used as umbrellas and tents?

The following precautions should be taken when storing pongee fabrics that have been coated with color for use as umbrellas or tents: Keep the fabric...

What are the advantages of Pongee with Black Coating?

Pongee with black coating is a type of fabric that is made from a lightweight,silk-like material that has been coated with a black finish. The main ad...

Advantages of black coated colored taffeta for umbrellas and tents

There are several advantages to using black coated taffeta for umbrellas and tents. An advantage is that the black coating provides additional sun pr...

Advantages of using silver-plated colored taffeta as a tent

There are some potential advantages to using silver-plated colored taffeta as tent material: Durability: Taffeta is a durable and strong fabric, so i...

How to clean the moldy and black wall covering

With the improvement of people's living standards, many families will use wall cloth to decorate the walls, so how to clean the wall cloth when it bec...

Features and application fields of silver-plated Oxford cloth

Silver-plated Oxford cloth has the function of blocking strong light and ultraviolet rays. The silver glue coating can effectively block 80% of extern...

What should be paid attention to when cleaning Oxford cloth

Precautions for washing and care of Oxford cloth: 1. Do not use bleaching or fluorescent cleaning products for Oxford cloth items, and if there are no...

The difference between polyester fabric and pongee fabric

Polyester fabric is woven from polyester filament, with bright appearance and smooth feel, that is, polyester taffeta. Polyester taffeta is suitable f...

Pay attention to those situations when using car cover fabrics

Precautions for the use of car cover fabrics: Users need to pay attention to the need to wait for the car to dry after washing the car. When storing t...

Which fabric is better, nylon fabric or polyester fabric?

Same point: 1. They are all synthetic fibers in chemical fibers. 2. High strength and good wear resistance; widely used in clothing and industrial pu...

Introduction to the cleaning and maintenance methods of Chun Yafang fabrics

1. Pongee with Colour fabric has good heat resistance and can be hand washed, dry cleaned or machine washed, and any detergent can be used. 2. Pongee...