Zhejiang Weitai Textile Co., Ltd. is an advanced private enterprise specializing in weaving, dyeing and finishing processing and selling fabrics. As a

garden polyester umbrella fabric manufacturers and polyester tent fabrics suppliers

, The company is mainly engaged in umbrella fabric, tent fabric, luggage fabric, curtain fabric and wall fabric, and has been operating a series of services such as design, plate making, weaving, dyeing and printing for more than 20 years, and its products not only cover the main umbrella production areas in China, but also are exported to Southeast Asia and other overseas markets.


What are the benefits of colour taffeta with silver coating?

Color taffeta with silver coating, also known as silver-coated taffeta, offers several benefits due to its unique combination of materials. Here are s...

What are the highlights of colour taffeta with silver coating?

Color taffeta with silver coating, also known as silver-coated taffeta, offers several highlights and advantages: Reflective and shiny appearance: Th...

Dyeing process of taffeta fabric

Taffeta is a type of smooth and lightweight fabric that is often used for making dresses, skirts, and formalwear. Here are the typical steps involved ...

Production process of colour taffeta with silver coating

The production process of color taffeta with silver coating typically involves the following steps: Pre-treatment: The taffeta fabric is pre-treated ...

What are the advantages of polyester mini matt fabric used as a cover?

Polyester mini matt fabric has several advantages as a cover material, including: Durability: Polyester mini matt fabric is known for its strength an...

Printing technology of camouflage fabric

Printing technology for camouflage fabric can vary depending on the desired outcome and the type of fabric being used. One common method is the tradi...

Dyeing process of pongee fabric

Pongee fabric is a lightweight and durable fabric made from silk, polyester, or a blend of both. The dyeing process of pongee fabric depends on the ty...

How about the windproof performance of the taffeta fabric used for tents?

Taffeta is a lightweight, tightly woven fabric that is commonly used for tents. While it is not inherently windproof, taffeta can be treated with vari...

What are the characteristics of the material of the polyester minimatt?

Polyester Minimatt is a type of fabric that is made of 100% polyester fiber. It is known for its durability, versatility, and low maintenance. Here ar...

How about polyester oxford cloth for tents?

Polyester Oxford cloth is a popular fabric choice for tents due to its durability and water-resistant properties. It is a synthetic fabric made from p...

What are the characteristics of the dyes dyed by pongee with colour coating?

Pongee with colour coating is a type of silk fabric that is often used for dyeing due to its ability to absorb and retain color well. When pongee is d...

Dyeing process of polyester oxford fabric

Polyester oxford fabric can be dyed using various dyeing methods such as disperse dyeing, vat dyeing, and reactive dyeing. Here are the general steps ...